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North County Fire and Medical District

ISO Grading

October 16, 2014

North County Fire & Medical District Announces Upgrade in District’s ISO Rating to Class 1

North County Fire & Medical District Fire Chief Robert Biscoe announced today that, for the first time in its history, the District has earned the prestigious ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of 1 from the Insurance Services Office (ISO), indicating an exemplary ability to respond to fires. The Class 1 ISO rating places the District among an elite group of agencies. “We are the first and only fire department in Arizona to ever receive this honor,” stated Chief Biscoe. Additionally, the Fire & Medical District is 1 of only 195 fire departments accredited internationally by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI).

The District was formed in 1981 and has grown to protect roughly 45,000 residents within an approximate 45 square mile area and includes the communities of Sun City West, Corte Bella, Cross River, Dos Rios, Rancho Cabrillo, Rio Sierra and many other unincorporated portions of Maricopa County. The Fire District is one of 60 fire departments out of approximately 49,000 departments nationwide to receive a Class 1 ISO rating; placing the District in the top .003% of all agencies across the country.

The ISO ratings range from 1 to 10, with Class 1 representing superior public protection and Class 10 indicating no recognized protection. A score of 90-100 earns a grading of 1; the District score was 95. Since the ISO fire ratings are used by property insurance companies to set insurance premium rates, the lower the ISO fire rating, the lower the insurance premium. This upgrade indicates that insurance premiums, on commercial and residential properties, could be lowered by year’s end. The PPC rating upgrade becomes effective December 1, 2014. The District had previously held a rating of 2 which is also outstanding. However, the District strives for excellence and worked to increase the rating to the highest possible. “I applaud the efforts of the Fire & Medical District’s personnel for their diligent effort to achieve a rating shared by only 60 departments nationwide and for being the first to achieve this honor in Arizona,” said the Fire District’s Governing Board Chairman David Wilson.

The Public Protection Classification rating is based on three factors: the District’s ability to receive and respond to fire alarms, the fire department’s first-alarm response and initial attack capabilities; and the water supply system.

“The Class 1 rating reflects the importance the District places on keeping its residents safe,” Fire Chief Biscoe said. “The District is very proud that our work is being recognized with a Class 1 rating. In the world of the fire service, this is the Gold Medal. We consider this a testament to our hard work in reducing fire loss through firefighting and fire prevention education and the District’s commitment to public safety,” he further commented.

 ISO Graph

The chart depicts the number of ISO classified fire departments nationwide and their associated PPC.

For more information: Insurance Services Office

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