Financial Services / Planning Division

The Financial Services/Planning Division is responsible for the following sections:
  • Budget / Finance including budget and finance, accounting, payroll, benefits support, purchasing management, capital improvement plan, inventory control, Requests for Proposals (RFPs)/Bids, financial forecasting/analysis, audits, medical billing, ambulance memberships, and contract review/renewal.
  • Planning / Emergency Management including assessment & planning, development, expansion and partnerships, community and customer surveys, annexations, marketing, accreditation, strategic planning, Insurance Services Office (ISO) grading, Arizona Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) and Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management (MCDEM) partnerships, Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Line of Duty Death (LODD) Incident Management Team Development, community risk assessment and preparedness. The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority's is a stakeholder in Maricopa County's Emergency Operations Plan. Click on the link below to view the plan.

Maricopa County Emergency Operations Plan (February 2024)

  • Continuity of Operations including law enforcement partnerships, personal de-escalation/defense program, law enforcement partnerships, hazard vulnerability assessments (including personnel, facilities, and apparatus), develops plans/cost analysis/ priorities, cybersecurity program (information  technology support), Threat Liaison Officer (TLO) program, and Homeland Security. The Continuity of Operations Section protects our communities by assuring facility and employee security as well as serving as a liaison for all law enforcement agencies that interact with the Authority. The Authority is committed to assuring the continuity of emergency operations with partnering law enforcement agencies. Click here, for information on the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC).


Dial 9-1-1

For All Emergencies
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