Ambulance Membership Program (AMP)

Current Members:  Renewal notices will be mailed at least 30 days prior to your annual expiration date. If you have questions about your Ambulance Membership Program renewal, please contact Mediclaim Data Services, Inc. at (602)522-1522 or 1-800-953-9777.  


Even when you are doing everything right, you can't always avoid accidents and emergencies. However, you can help plan for them with help from the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority. 

Save Money on Your Ambulance Transport & Emergency Care

The Authority helps lessen the financial burden for residents through its Ambulance Membership Program (AMP). With an ambulance membership, your insurance company will be billed after you utilize our transport service, the Authority will accept your insurance's payment as payment-in-full. You won't have to pay any other out-of-pocket expenses!

Membership Benefits

  • Coverage of costs associated with an ambulance transport during an emergency that are not covered by your insurance, such as co-pays and deductibles, for each member of your household.
  • A “household” is defined as the subscriber and spouse or single-parent subscriber and their unmarried children under the age of 26 living at the same address. Additional persons living at the same address can be added to the subscription agreement at an additional cost. Please contact our billing office at 1-800-953-9777 to add additional residents.
  • Coverage for any 911-initiated ambulance transport by the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (currently excluding the Buckeye Valley, Ironwood Estates, and Tonopah areas).
  • Physician authorized facility-to-facility transport or non-emergent ambulance transports by the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority.
  • A small annual fee (approximately .24 cents per day) to provide your family with peace of mind.

Membership Requirements

  • Must reside within the boundaries of the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority's ambulance service territory. This territory currently includes the communities of Coldwater Ranch | Corte Bella | Cross River | Dos Rios | Pinnacle Peak County Island | Rancho Cabrillo | Rancho Silverado | Rio Sierra | Sun City West | Sun Lakes | Wittmann | other areas of Maricopa County.
  • The Ambulance Membership Program is not currently available in the Buckeye Valley, Ironwood Estates, and Tonopah response areas.  
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to check with their medical insurance company to verify if a copay for any members of their household is required. If a copay is not required for ambulance transportation, then participation in the Ambulance Membership Program is not beneficial.
  • AHCCCS/Medicaid recipients do not have cost-sharing responsibility for ambulance service. AHCCCS/Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible to participate in this program.

What is NOT Included in a Membership 

  • Payment for ambulance services that originate outside of the Authority ambulance service areas.
  • Ambulance transport for friends and family visiting your home.
  • Non-medically necessary ambulance transports.
  • A membership is not insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for insurance.

Program Background
On September 28, 2017, the Board of Directors for the North County Fire & Medical District and the South County Fire & Medical District voted to end the ambulance patient subsidy practices and implement an Ambulance Membership Program (AMP). The Ambulance Membership Program was approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services and officially launched on July 1, 2019.

Check out our Ambulance Membership FAQs for additional information regarding the Ambulance Membership Program.

Program Enrollment
To enroll, return a completed Ambulance Membership Program Agreement with the annual household fee of $87.05 (payable by check or credit card), to one of the locations listed below. The effective date of this agreement shall be the date your completed subscription agreement and fee are received and approved by the Authority. This agreement will be in effect for a period of one (1) year from that date.

Mail completed forms to:

AFMA Ambulance Membership Program

18818 N. Spanish Garden Drive

Sun City West, Arizona 85375

Or, deliver completed forms to
  • AFMA Administrative Office (Mon-Thurs 7am - 5pm)
    18818 N. Spanish Garden Drive
    Sun City West, Arizona 85375 (Map Link)

  • AFMA Fire Station 232 (Tue-Thurs 8am - 2pm)
    25020 S. Alma School Rd.
    Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248 (Map Link)

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