Authority Board Standing Committees

There are two Standing Committees established by the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Governing Board for the purpose of facilitating a thorough review of various items and/or issues typically before presentation and action by the Authority Governing Board. Each Standing Committee shall have not less than three members, which each represent the member districts of the Authority. 

Budget & Finance Committee
The Budget & Finance Committee is charged with overseeing the fiscal health of the Authority and its member districts. The duties of the Budget & Finance Committee include reviewing the monthly balance sheets, income and expense reports, annual draft operating budget, proposed Capital Improvement Plan expenditures, designation of reserves and reserve policies and reviewing other proposed financial policies. The Budget & Finance Committee meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Budget & Finance Committee Members:

  • Merrel "Tony" Sambol, Chairman, NCFMD
  • Gary Benson, Member, BVFD
  • John Crawford, Member, SCFMD
  • Richard Bookie, AFMA Chairman (alternate, if needed)


Governance & Legislative Committee

The Governance & Legislative Committee is charged with reviewing and making recommendations to the Authority Governing Board on matters relating to governance, legislation, and Authority Membership. The Governance & Legislative Committee meetings are held every other month. 

Governance & Legislative Committee Members:

  • Bill Becker, Chairman, SCFMD
  • Mel Hardy, Member, BVFD
  • James Young, Member, NCFMD
  • Richard Bookie, AFMA Chairman (alternate, if needed)


Personnel Appeals Board

The Personnel Appeals Board is responsible for determining that AFMA has followed proper procedures in matters concerning the dismissal, demotion, suspension without pay, or reduction in pay in conjunction with, or in lieu of, suspension without pay and hear and decide whether just cause for discipline exists for employees subject to eligible disciplinary action.

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