Buckeye Valley Fire District (BVFD)

The main revenue source for fire districts is tax revenue. This is made up of the assessed value of properties within the district and the tax rate approved by the Governing Board. Proposition 117 passed by voters in 2012 set the basis of assessed valuations from the full cash value to the limited property value. In addition to setting the valuation at a lower amount, the law limits growth in existing property valuations to 5% annually. Many fire districts throughout the state have not seen assessed valuations return to 2012 values. The tax rate set by the Governing Board is also capped by state law. While fire districts have done many innovative things to survive, both a global health crisis and unprecedented inflation have pushed many fire districts to their limits.

While fire districts realized strong growth in assessed valuations this year, it was not enough to combat increases for fuel, critical medical supplies, competitive pay and benefits for first responders and necessary equipment. The Governing Boards have tentatively approved a tax rate increase for the North County Fire & Medical District, the South County Fire & Medical District, and the Buckeye Valley Fire District. This increase in funding will help:  

  • Maintain a minimum staffing level to respond to fire and emergency calls for service;
  • Add a Peer Support Coordinator to focus on first responder safety and mental health well-being;
  • Increases in fuel costs; and
  • Maintain competitive wages and benefits for first responders.

Below is a property tax calculator which will identify how this increase will impact you. The estimate may not be the final calculated tax amount from the Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s Office.

Follow these steps to identify your property value under the fire district you reside in at:

1. Click Here for the Maricopa County Assessor's website.

2. Insert address in search bar.

3. Click on the APN.

4. Click on ValuationsYour Assessed Home Value used for tax purposes is the Limited Value (2023).

5. Enter your Assessed Home Value below.


BVFD 2022 Tax Obligation ($3.375 per $1000):
Operating Budget Tax Increase Due to 5% Increase in Property Valuation (Property Valuation is assessed by the Maricopa County Assessor Annually):
Proposed Operating Budget Tax Increase ($0.125 per $1,000) (Operating Tax Rate is set by the District Governing Board Annually):
Proposed (2023) Operating Budget Tax Obligation Increase:
Secondary Property Tax Obligation / Repayment of Bonds ($.5240 per $1,000):
2023 Estimated Total Tax Increase over 2022):
BVFMD (2023) Tax Obligation (Estimated):

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