False Alarms

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Governing Board has adopted a fee schedule to address excessive false alarms. Per this schedule, false alarm fees may be imposed for responses to repetitive false (nuisance) responses to fire and medical alarms. No fee shall be imposed for the initial three (3) fire alarm or medical responses to any residential or commercial occupancy within a 12 calendar month period. No fee shall be charged if the fire alarm is a result of a fire. No fee shall be charged if the medical alarm results in medical treatment by EMS personnel. Canceled en-route incidents are considered an event since the apparatus was deployed and thus an incident report must be generated. 
Arizona Revised Statues authorize the Authority to establish fees for provided services. The Authority uses the false alarm fees as a financial disincentive to encourage individuals and business owners to correct alarm equipment issues in a timely manner and limit the unnecessary impact on Authority response resources.

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