Business Inspections

Many of the businesses within the Authority boundaries are inspected each year. The Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshals, fire inspectors and fire companies conduct these fire and life safety inspections to ensure that businesses are in compliance with the Authority’s and its partner agencies adopted Fire Code.

What to Expect
Authority personnel conducting inspections look for items such as blocked or locked exits, electrical and mechanical hazards, housekeeping and storage issues, as well as ensuring that fire protection systems are in working order. Businesses found in violation of the fire code are given time to correct such violations. Any violation found not corrected may be cited and referred to the county attorney for possible financial or other penalties.

Fire company inspections are beneficial to both the businesses the Authority serves as well as the firefighters themselves. The businesses reap the benefits of perhaps reducing or eliminating the chance of a fire occurring and the firefighters, when inspecting, become more familiar with the building should an emergency occur.

Common Hazards Found
Common hazards found in commercial & apartment buildings:

  • Blocked exits
  • Storage under stairwells
  • Electrical hazards
  • Fire extinguishers, doors, sprinklers and alarm systems needing service
  • Fire lanes blocked
  • Address Issues
  • Holes in walls and ceilings

Dial 9-1-1

For All Emergencies
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