Mission, Vision and Value Statements

It is imperative that our mission statement depict the general theme and principles by which the Authority represents its collective purpose. After reviewing and identifying the critical issues, strengths, functions/services, and tools required to meet customer needs, Authority members created a statement which they felt described the overall mission of the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority. The statement is as follows:
"Our mission is to protect life and property and to enhance the well-being of all those we serve."
After establishing the Authority’s mission, the next progression was to define a vision for the future. The benchmarks set during the strategic planning process were used as guidelines of excellence that the Authority  strives to achieve.
The Authority faces unique challenges in keeping pace with the changing world in which we live and work. We must not forget the traditions and people who brought us to this point. However, we must adapt, be flexible, and be progressive in order to be successful. We believe that the following paragraph will provide us with a vision that will enable us to continue to be an exceptional organization. 
We will provide exceptional services through organizational teamwork to promote an innovative, responsive, and professional Authority that adapts within a changing environment. Utilizing collaborative working relationships, we strive to be a leader in our industry. We endeavor to be fiscally responsible with the single purpose of serving the greater community good. 
Establishing a set of values to be embraced by all members of the Authority is extremely important. The following R.I.T.E. value statements created during the strategic planning process express the beliefs and commitments that constitute the structure of our organization.
R.I.T.E. Values - Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence
Personnel are expected to live the R.I.T.E. values and behaviors of the Authority while achieving goals and objectives and demonstrating leadership competencies.
  • Respect:      We recognize the contributions and unique value of each individual employee, customer, and partner. 
  • Integrity:    We conduct all of our activities honestly and objectively. We accept responsibility for our decisions/actions.
  • Teamwork: We achieve our goals by working together through cooperation, communication, service, and commitment. 
  • Excellence:  We strive to be the best in everything we do with dedication to quality, efficiency, innovation, and   continuous learning.
The mission, vision, and value statements are the foundation for the Authority’s success. Every effort is made to keep these meaningful so that the individuals who make up the organization feel they give credence to the goals, objectives and day-to-day tasks. It is important that the message of caring people and quality service be demonstrated by each member of the organization.
The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority strives to be a leader in providing fire and life safety services. It is imperative that all Authority personnel realize the potential in themselves and their fellow employees and desire to continue the Authority's tradition of excellence. Personnel are committed to being good stewards of the Authority and, in turn, be role models for fire and emergency services in general.

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